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The most common 15 questions:

1.- Currently I don´t have money, can I finance the work?
(María 42 years old, Málaga)

Yes. Although we must study your case previously.

2.- How long will it take to have my apartment painted?
(Nicolas 68 years old, Benalmadena)

Normally, it takes between two or three working days, in a medium size apartment.

3.- Can I sleep in a just painted bedroom?(Raquel 36 years old, Alhaurín de la Torre)

Yes you can. We use environmentally friendly paints, which do not release harmful products for people or pets, although we advise you to ventilate the room a couple of hours before to avoid bad smells.

4.- How much can it cost me to paint my house?
(Teresa 35 years old, Benalmadena)

In fact, this is a difficult question because the price varies according to the size of the house, as well as the type of paint used. You also have to take into account other factors such as the condition of the walls, or amount of furniture. However I remind you that you can ask for a free quote with no obligation.

5.- Do I have to pay anything in advance?
(Ana 29 years old, Málaga)

It depends on the kind of budget, for private houses normally you pay at the end of the work.

6.- What things can you do?
(Francisco 27 years old, Fuengirola)

Our company specializes in all types of painting. In the section of our work you can find a detailed list of what we do.

7.- Do I have to move the furniture for when you come to paint?
(PaQué 68 years old, La Cala de Mijas)

No, it is not necessary, we take care of moving them and place them where they were.

8.- I have a business, and it is open every day of the week, would it be possible to paint it at night?
(Mohamed 44 years old, Marbella)

Yes, in fact this is one of the services we offer. We also paint on weekends.

9.- Are you painting in Estepona?
(Catherine 48 years old, Estepona)

Yes, our company goes wherever you need it, but our work area is from Malaga to Marbella, the rest of the areas have a plus of transport.

10.- I'm going to do another work such as polishing the floor, who has to come before?
(Ma Carmen 34 years old, Mijas)

You should first of all assure yourself on whether it is the polisher or the brightener, as many people confuse them. If it is the polisher, he should go first. If it is the brightener, we should go before him. In case, the same people polish and brighten, we will talk to them to combine in work.

11.- I have some paint in my house, can you use it?
(Juan 23 years old, Fuengirola)

Yes of course, and we will deduct the proportional part of this from the quote. But I remind you that if you do not use our paint it is exempt from warranty.

12.- I'm going to leave for a week of holidays, would it be possible that I leave you the keys of my apartment, so that you could paint it in that time and pay you when I return?
(Alejandro 40 years old, Torremolinos)

You can fully trust us, we are a serious and professional company. For this kind of service you have to book that week in advance.

13.- I have a humidity problem, how can I solve it?
(Laura 28 years old, Málaga)

The causes of humidity are very varied, so a small preliminary study is required in order to offer you a concrete solution. We remind you that our advice is free of charge.

14.- I don't know what colour I want, how do we solve this problem?
(Sandra 36 years old Puerto Banus)

That is no problem, we can advise you on decoration as well as lend you a colour chart.

15.- Are the paintings included in the budget?
(Lucia 56 years old, Estepona)

Yes, of course, and all the materials necessary to get the work done.

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