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Family business of painting, serious and reliable, with a long tradition in the field of painting. Our headquarters are located in Fuengirola. We have extensive experience, more than 50 years and two generations. Painters since 1958.

We work in the province of Málaga.

Our business is mainly specialized in interior decorating and painting, using techniques, such as: mopping, stuccoes, false stuccoes, imitations; marble, wood and stone; gotelé, picados, lipopú and a long etcetera. We also have not forgotten the other areas like: restoration of facades, new work, epoxi industrial paintings, chlorinated rubber, waterproofing treatment...

For us, our main objective is to satisfy the client. We make every effort for in order to offer the very best services with the greatest quality. Furthermore, We use a specialized appointment system where you the client can specify the exact start date or if time is of the essence, then the end date can be given. All this being carried out, with absolute cleaniliness and top quality environmentally friendly products.

We work throughout the province of Malaga, both on the coast: Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmádena or Torremolinos, as on inland towns: Alhaurín, Coin, and other areas in the province. We provide our clients with free advice on the most suitable products and techniques to be used in each case. We also offer free quotes with no obligation. If you require so, we can attach documentation or technical cards of the materials used, social insurances of our employees or attached copies of our accident, labor and third party insurances. Our employees are experienced painters, highly qualified and have taken occupational risk prevention courses. In addition, we are convinced that we can always learn something new, which is the reason why we continue to introduce new techniques and products. Therefore, expanding our already extensive range of services. And all this for much less than you could imagine! Because when things are done right, they become much easier.

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Manuel A. Burrueco

joint owner

Rafael David Burrueco Pizarro

joint owner

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