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The company Hnos BURRUECO S.C. has all the private insurances of civil responsibility, accidents and to third parties, up to date on payments and relevant information required by law, at your disposal in case it is considered necessary, as well as the TC2 of the workers. In addition, all our employees have been trained in occupational risk courses. For all these reasons and because we work with first brands we can ensure the following application warranty:

Application Warranty

Hnos BURRUECO S.C guarantees all its works of application of painting against the fall of this one, as long as they are carried out following our system of work, consisting of: Cleaning of loose paints in poor condition by mechanical means (pressurized water) or manual means (spatula). Application of a coat of high penetration acrylic-based fixator. Cracks filling with exterior putty, the largest cracks with fiberglass bandage and expansion joints with elastic filler putty. Finishing of the walls with two coats of exterior paint, stone, elastic or other one, provided that the manufacturer and the product have the corresponding AENOR certificate and are approved by the Ministry of Housing. This guarantee can be extended to 3.5 and 8 years, as long as the manufacturer evaluates and supervises the application work.

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